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Buysmaart - uses artificial intelligence to find the best phone for you.


  • Analyze millions of user reviews with our AI algorithms.
  • Score and rate over 50,000 specifications for over 1000 phones
  • Personalised product discovery based on what really matters to you.


  • Save Time. More than 2/3rds of shoppers take days, weeks, and months to find their phone. buysmaart helps you find it in minutes.
  • Save Money. Our personalised search ensures that you pay only for the features you need.
  • Everything you need, at one place. Discover, Explore and Buy smartphones on buysmaart.

Our team

  • Giri Devanathan
    Giri Devanathan CEO
  • Shyam Ramakrishnan
    Shyam Ramakrishnan Product Manager
  • Devendra Singh Sachan
    Devendra Singh Sachan Research Engineer
  • Ramakrishna
    Ramakrishna Manager - Finance & Ops
  • Thejaswi Suryas
    Thejaswi Suryas Research Engineer
  • Saikiran Tati
    Saikiran Tati UX Designer


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