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Tap into your customer’s voice for Actionable Insights

Enixta enables all online businesses to listen to their customers’ voices in multiple formats, deeply across the web. Using AI, NLP & Machine Learning, we convert customers’ voices into actionable insights. These insights add tremendous strategic & tactical value to product offerings, customer experience, market research focus, and SEO strategy.

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Enixta wins RAISE 2020 in the NLP Category.
Enixta was selected as one of the top 15 promising startups in India and the winner in the NLP category in the recent RAISE 2020 summit. This recognition is from the Government of India.
For Brands

Cited as the world's massive knowledge graph!
SmaartBrand extracts insights that help you build your brand’s reputation.

  • Real-time insights - Identify the likes and dislikes of your customers and their satisfaction at the aspect level
  • Compare/Benchmark against your competition
  • Automate your responses
For eCommerce

Smaartpulse means less confused consumers!
With SmaartPulse, you can reduce your customers’ confusion and offer them what they need.

  • Eliminates confusion in the mind of a consumer arising from thousands of puzzling customer reviews
  • Shortens purchasing decision cycle time of consumers by generating actionable insights for products by organizing tons of customer reviews
  • Reduces losses from returns by empowering your customers to make informed decisions, by helping them find the portions of reviews that they deeply care about.
For Consumers

We help consumers choose smartly and not just buy!
BuySmaart will help your customers not just buy the product but will help them compare and choose the best product smartly.

  • BuySmaart makes shopping easy, thus taking the fatigue out of shopping.
  • BuySmaart helps you save money and save time.
  • With BuySmaart, your purchasing decision cycle will take less time.
Scaling is Crucial!

Enixta currently works with 150 categories to drive higher customer engagement on portals.

  • 150

    Categories processed everyday

  • 85%

    Sentiment analysis accuracy

  • 4.5 million

    Reviews processed in a single day

  • 7

    New categories onboarded in a week

Speed is the Key!

Enixta's tools can be deployed into your workspace in six weeks!

  • A free version for a unique experience.
  • Subscribe to the full package only when you are satisfied.
  • Customize the tools, select modules and deploy.
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