Unleashing the power of Machine Learning to benefit the consumer and the producer.

Unleashing the power of ML 
to benefit the consumer and the producer.

There have been inventions marked in the history for changing the course of evolution in the human mankind, and Machine Learning (ML) could arguably be one of it. It’s ubiquitous usage can be seen transforming a wide variety of industries, viz. Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Automobile, Robotics to name a few. Evidently, ML appears set to usher in the next wave of Industrial Revolution. ML is used in EHR (Electronic Health Record) analysis, determining Pharma market strategy, determining VFM (Value For Money), understand Customer Sentiments, and more. We at Enixta, have built our own state of the art tools in the domains of natural language processing (information extraction) and dialog systems. In our suite of products we offer CX, Sentiment Insights, Chatbots, Product Ranking, and more you can benefit from. Take a look at Our Products to see how these capabilities can improve your customer experience and benefit your organization.